Valdezufre, Aracena (Huelva)

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Aracena Things to See and Do in Aracena

Fortunately we are located in an area that we find a multitude of things to see and do.

Aracena is the capital of the region and the one that gives its name to the mountains and the Natural Park, one of the most important protected areas in the Community, where numerous streams flow, forming a landscape of extraordinary beauty and attractiveness, ideal for livestock , especially for the Iberian pig, which finds ideal conditions here.

Its charm makes tourists from all over the world come every year to perceive the quality it obtains and to get to know its urban area, full of monuments and declared a Site of Cultural Interest, it is located at the foot of its old castle and the Priory Church of Our Lady. of the Greater Pain, which preserves the minaret of the mosque that preceded it. In addition to this and many other churches that make up its heritage, the highlight, and for what it is best known, is the Gruta de las Maravillas, one of the most interesting karst complexes in Spain.

We can find numerous trails to do appreciating the vegetation that surrounds us, trails as they are; Carboneras-Castañuelo trail, la-molinilla trail, Valdezufre trail - La Umbría and many more.

We can also enjoy the cultural delicacy of the Museo del Jamón, the Plaza Mayor where some buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries are still preserved in perfect condition.

Also have fun and enjoy a horse ride through the fantastic roads in the area or a bike route through them.

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