Pet Rules

In order that your stay and that of your pet
be as nice as possible

In order to make your stay and that of your pet as pleasant as possible and not cause any discomfort for the rest of the guests, we invite you to read the conditions of admission of pets in our hotel:

Pets Allowed : Dogs and cats. Rest consult.

Reservations : A maximum of one pet per room is allowed. Room reservations can never be exclusively for pets.

Use of Areas: The animal is allowed exclusively in the room, terrace and patio, being prohibited the access to the lounges, restaurant, bar, gardens and swimming pool.

In the entire hotel grounds there is no place that allows your pet to solve their small or large needs, so we recommend a few walks around the area. Do not forget that the law requires you to collect any type of excrement deposited on the public highway.

Noise and Annoyance Policy: In case of noise or annoyances caused by the pet, the hotel reserves the right to expel the client and the pet.

Use of strap

The use of a leash is mandatory at the hotel.

- Pets will not be allowed to be left alone in the room.
- Pets are not allowed on the bed or use the hotel towels.
- At all times the client is responsible for their pet and its behavior.
- The owner of the animal will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic-sanitary conditions.
- It will be in turn responsible for the damages caused both to third parties and to the hotel's equipment.
- We hope you have a pleasant stay at our hotel.